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Make Your Trip Better Using 3-1-1

TSA and our security partners conducted extensive explosives testing since August 10, 2006 and determined that liquids, aerosols and gels, in limited quantities, are safe to bring aboard an aircraft. The one bag limit per traveler limits the total amount each traveler can bring. Consolidating the bottles into one bag and X-raying them separately from the carry-on bag enables security officers to quickly clear the items.

3-1-1 for carry-ons = 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottle or less (by volume) ; 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. One-quart bag per person limits the total liquid volume each traveler can bring. 3.4 ounce (100ml) container size is a security measure.

Be prepared. Each time TSA searches a carry-on it slows down the line. Practicing 3-1-1 will ensure a faster and easier checkpoint experience.

3-1-1 is for short trips. If in doubt, put your liquids in checked luggage.

Declare larger liquids. Medications, baby formula and food, and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint.



Air Travel Difficulties:

Consumers with concerns about commercial air travel difficulties can register their concerns with:



Making your Reservations

Things to consider:
When preparing airline reservations, remember to keep in mind the security measures each airport is required to abide. Long security lines, bathroom lines, finding parking spaces, etc., are also some of the most common factors that may contribute to a missed flight. Connecting flights in larger airports may mean having to walk a distance between gates. So remember when you book your flights, whether you are originating at these airports or connecting through them, leave a margin of time sufficient to make your flight!



10 Easy Packing Tips by Sandy Klim

Follow these tips whenever you travel:

  1. It's important to remember that traveling has inherent risks. It's never prudent to pack (or in some cases, even take along) expensive items or belongings that are hard or impossible to replace. Any valuables you have should be kept with you as you travel including prescriptions, travel documents and cash, as well as jewelry. Upscale catalogs and retail travel stores offer numerous products to conceal valuables such as money belts. If the nature of your travel demands that you routinely take expensive jewelry and clothing or equipment, be sure you cover their replacement value under a policy you buy in addition to the automatic, limited coverage provided by the airline. Check with your own insurance company for this protection or buy excess valuation coverage on the spot at the ticket counter.

  2. Bag tags are required, but they can be torn off. Some suitcases have a slide-in window about the size of a business card for secondary identification. Consider these when shopping for a new suitcase. Purchase TSA approved baggage locks.

  3. Some travelers put their identification on the bags tags when they purchase the luggage and never think about it again. Airlines sometimes discover the owner of the bag has not lived at the address on the tag for many years. Make sure yours are up to date.

  4. Put additional identification inside your bag including a copy of your itinerary. This can help the airlines know whether to send your bags to your travel destination or your home.

    With stricter conditions on carry-on baggage, you may find suitcases and hanging bags you previously were able to sneak on board will need to be checked. That's why it's smart to take precautions on every bag, even the ones you plan to keep with you on the plane.

  5. Put your name and address on everything. Remember camp? The reason your mom sewed labels in your underwear is the same reason you want to label things you don't think of as luggage - your glass case with your expensive designer eyewear inside, your camera and camera bag or the extra tote you bought on the trip to carry all those goodies home. If you leave these items behind on the plane, it's essential that you have identification on these items so they can be found among the hundreds of similar items left in overhead bins or seat pockets.

  6. Before packing for any trip, check all the zippers and locks on your bags since they may have become worn or broken on a previous trip. And be aware, even if the zippers and locks are in good condition, overstuffed luggage is prone to burst open during the normal shuffle between the terminal and the plane.

  7. Make an inventory of the items packed in each bag to assist the airlines in finding your luggage.

  8. To prevent your look-alike bag from being grabbed off the carousel by a traveler too rushed to check the tags, tie a colored ribbon on the handle or secure a colored elastic band (made for this purpose) around your suitcase. These kinds of mix-ups are preventable, so take precautions. Airport luggage tags are available at no cost. Please e-mail your mailing address and allow 5 business days in the southeast for delivery (maximum of 2 per mailing). Email

  9. At the airport, take the time to make sure the airline tag placed on your luggage correctly identifies the last destination on your journey. This can prevent your bag from being off-loaded too early or stopping in a city half-way to where you are going. If you don't know the three-letter ID for your city, ask the Skycap or ticket agent. It's smart to be especially courteous to the Skycap. A tip and a respectful attitude can go a long way to making a Skycap extra careful to get your bags checked carefully.

  10. Be sure you get your bag tag stubs with the UPC bar code. In today's new era of ticketless travel, it's easy to forget these. You probably will get a ticket jacket with the tags attached, but sometimes they're just stapled to whatever you have - a faxed itinerary, for example. These act as your receipt and are your proof your bag was checked. Treat them as important travel documents.

  11. On the plane, carefully note where you've stashed items. If the only overhead space that is available is over row 27 and you're in row 23, you might grab your jacket from the closest bin and leave other belongings stowed elsewhere.

  12. If your luggage does not arrive in the baggage claim area, find the baggage agent on duty immediately. There's a chance your luggage already arrived and is locked up in the agent's area for safe keeping. Sometimes luggage is loaded onto a non-stop flight even though you were on a plane that had a stopover on the way so your suitcases get there before you.

    But if your luggage is not there, do not leave the airport before completing the paperwork for the baggage agent. Fill out all information about your luggage on the forms provided. Be as detailed as possible. Get a phone number to call in case you need to follow-up.

    If you need basic amenities such as toothbrush, toothpaste and razor to be ready for a meeting, ask. Most airlines will provide these for you while you're waiting for your suitcase.

    Most airlines are charging for the 1st and 2nd piece of checked luggage. Click on the airline for their baggage weight and size restrictions for domestic and international allowances and additional fees for excess baggage allowance.



Getting to the Airport - "Be Prepared"

Most air carriers close their ticket counters 30 minutes before departure so please arrive early or you may miss your flight. Every procedure we are undertaking is in an effort to ensure that your travel is safe, secure, and efficient. Please check websites for the airport(s) you will be using during your trip to confirm any new procedures in place!

  1. Please take the time to check local newspapers, public service announcements, and web sites to determine if new procedures have been instituted. Security is everybody’s business; please help us to help you.
  2. Parking and curbside access may be controlled and limited. Parking availability and measures to control parking facilities are subject to rapid change and vary from airport to airport. At Pensacola International Airport we ask you to be at the check in area 2 hours prior to departure. Delta and US Airlines are providing curbside check-in. Skycaps are available for ticket-in assistance with all other airlines.
  3. During peak travel days anticipate possible slowdowns caused by heavy traffic, crowded airport parking lots, and busy ticket counters and security checkpoints. Arrive early to insure that you do not miss your flight.
  4. Active loading and unloading is allowed at curbside. If passengers need additional help with luggage at the curbside, please advise the Skycap who will assist in this matter. At no time are you allowed to leave your vehicle to help the passenger with luggage inside the terminal. Please park your vehicle and provide the assistance to the passenger.
  5. Vehicles may be subject to search prior to parking. Please reduce the numbers and types of packages and equipment in your vehicle to those necessary for travel or road safety measures.

Checking in for a Flight "Avoid the Lines"

  1. Travelers who are not checking luggage can proceed directly from the second floor of our parking garage, across the skywalk, through security to their departure gate if you have your boarding pass. If not, proceed to the airline check-in area to print off your boarding pass via the airline kiosk.
  2. You will be required to have A VALID government issued ID when you check-in for your flight. A government issued photo identification is a valid photo driver's license, military ID, or valid passport. Passengers traveling from the United States to Canada should carry a passport. Please be prepared to show ID as well as boarding cards at the security checkpoint and during the boarding process.
  3. Check-in for flights up to 24 hours prior to departure on your personal computer through your airline's on-line flight check-in. You can select your seat assignments, print your boarding passes, and print a receipt before you arrive at the airport.
  4. During peak travel periods, check-in two hours prior to your flight. Some airlines close their check-in counters 45 minutes prior to flight to begin the boarding process.
  5. Changes in security measures make it extremely important to arrive at the gate in plenty of time to complete new procedures during the boarding process.

Meals "Plan Ahead"

Meals and snack services are limited on flights. When traveling with children, it's a good idea to eat before boarding the plane and take along snacks. Check with your airline about meal service availability.

Luggage "Pack Smart Pack Light"

  1. Be aware of items which cannot be carried onboard. Security requirements prohibit passengers from taking certain items in their carry-on bags, which include: knives of any length, cutting instruments (any kind) including carpet knives, box cutters and folding or retractable blades regardless of blade length or composition. For up-to-date information on permitted or prohibited items, or visit:
  2. According to FAA security directives, each passenger is permitted one carry-on bag (that must fit in an overhead bin or under the seat) and one personal item. Personal items include a purse, briefcase, diaper bag, camera bag, or laptop computer. Large backpacks will be considered as checked luggage. Carry-on gifts should fit in a carry- on bag since there are no exceptions to this quantity limit.
  3. Make sure each bag weighs less than 50 lbs. to avoid a surcharge. Click on the airline for their baggage weight and size restrictions for domestic and international allowances and additional fees for excess baggage allowance. Pack valuable items such as jewelry, cash, and medication (see restrictions for new security procedures) in carry-on baggage ONLY.
  4. Place undeveloped film and cameras with film in carry-on baggage ONLY.
  5. Don't wrap gifts. Enhanced airport security increases the possibility that packages in both checked and carry-on luggage may have to be opened for inspection.
  6. Fragile items should be packaged carefully to make them suitable for transportation as checked luggage.
  7. Customers are now being permitted to carry on nail clippers, knitting needles, safety razors (including disposable razors), syringes (with proper documentation),tweezers, eyelash curlers, walking canes, umbrellas, scissors of four inches or less and tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers smaller than seven inches will be permitted on board.
  8. Carry prescription medication in original containers (see new security restrictions).
  9. Sports items such as golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks, cricket bats, bows andarrows, hunting and scuba knives, martial art devices, pool cues, ski poles and spear guns may only be transported in your checked luggage.
  10. Mace, pepper spray, and fireworks are not permitted in the cabin. One self-defense spray not exceeding 4 fl. oz. may be carried in a checked bag if it has a positive means to prevent accidental discharge.
  11. DO NOT carry hazardous material. For a complete guide on what can be carried on the plane, go to the TSA website for a listing of permitted and prohibited items.
  12. Declare firearms or ammunition to your airline and place in checked baggage.
  13. Pack small items and toiletries in clear zip-lock plastic bags to help speed up security inspections by enabling the screener to inspect these items without opening the bag.
  14. Pack food items with special care. Like other items, food is subject to inspection, whether in checked or carry-on luggage. Food should be transported unwrapped and, if in a container sealed by the manufacturer, unopened.
  15. Keep baggage unlocked. The Transportation Security Administration suggests that passengers keep their checked baggage unlocked so that locks do not have to be broken should the bag require a search. You can now buy TSA approved locks for your luggage at department stores.
  16. Large unwrapped toys will be treated as carry-on luggage.
  17. Identify your baggage inside and outside the bag. Place a baggage tag with your name, home address and telephone number on the outside of your bag. It is also a good idea to put your home address, telephone number, destination address and telephone number inside your bag.

At Security Screening - "In - Out - Off"

  1. Put metal IN your carry-on bag. This includes jewelry, loose change, cell phones, pagers and PDAs. Take OUT your laptop. Place it in a bin, separate from its carrying case. Take OFF your outer coat. Place it in a bin.
  2. >Carry-on luggage will be limited to one bag plus one personal item per passenger. These personal items include a purse, briefcase, camera case, diaper bag, or laptop computer.
  3. Limit the number and type of electronic equipment you carry with you. This includes cellular phones, paging devices, laptop computers, personal listening devices (CD players), electronic toys and games, etc. The necessity of screening these devices will create delays in your check-in process. Whenever possible you should place these items in your checked luggage.
  4. Please remove ALL prohibited items from your carry-on baggage. These items should be packed in your checked baggage. They will not be allowed in the sterile area of the airport or on board aircraft. For an up-to-date list of prohibited items click here.
  5. If you have a medical condition that requires you to carry a needle and/or syringe on your person or in your carry on baggage you must also have the medication that requires such injection on your person. The medication must be packaged with a pharmaceutical label or professionally printed label identifying the medication.
  6. Modified amounts of liquid or gel substances at the screening checkpoint or aboard flights effective September 26, 2006. The necessity of screening of these items will increase your check-in processing time. Please plan to purchase any food items you may wish to carry on board the aircraft once you have completed the screening process. Food, gifts and other services are generally available in the concourses beyond screening. If you have special dietary needs, please contact your AIRLINE to confirm the services provided on your flight.
  7. Only ticketed passengers traveling the same day will be allowed beyond the screening checkpoint. If you have a medical, parental or other specific, verifiable need to accompany a ticketed passenger, please check with your airline to determine how to proceed.
  8. Put all electronic devices and the following metallic items from your pockets and place them in your carry-on baggage before entering the checkpoint: keys, loose change, money clips, lighters, as well as large amount of jewelry, large belt buckles and metal hair barrettes/hair decorations to expedite the security screening process.
  9. Wear clothing, jewelry or other accessories that don't contain excessive metal, such as decorative zippers and buttons. Wear shoes that do not contain steel tips, shanks, heels, buckles or nails.
  10. Remember to collect all your personal belongings prior to leaving the checkpoint area.

Traveling With Children

  1. Every person including infants and toddlers, must undergo screening at the security checkpoint.>
  2. All child-related equipment must go through the x-ray machine if it fits, including strollers,| infant carriers, car seats and baby slings.
  3. Babies should be removed from their carriers so they can undergo visual and physical inspection. If possible, toddlers should walk through the metal detectors independently. Talking to them about this beforehand might help ease their fears.
  4. Parents should let children know it's against the law to make threats or references to bombs, etc.
  5. Toys that could be mistaken for weapons, please leave at home.

Assistance for Minors/Disabled

If you are assisting a traveler (minors/disabled), go to the airline ticket counter and request a gate access pass. This is determined by the airline.

At All Times "Stay Alert"

  1. Control all carry-on bags. Never leave anything unattended as it could be subjected to tampering.
  2. Never carry anything onboard the aircraft for another person, especially for someone you do not know.
  3. Report any unattended packages or baggage anywhere in the airport or on the airplane to airport security personnel or airline personnel.
  4. Once you arrive at the gate, stay close to the departure gate for any last minute changes or announcements. Additional security screening requirements may occur during the boarding process. Have available your boarding pass and government-issued photo ID for each adult traveler during the boarding process.
  5. Once on board, relax and enjoy a safe and comfortable flight!

Holiday Travel

Please do not wrap packages, security may not be able to detect what's inside which will require extra time to unwrap the item. Please consider shipping your packages ahead and remember if any gifts are in your checked luggage, these items could be delayed, lost, or damaged. Pack valuable with you at all times!

Due to weather conditions, prepare for the unexpected. Extra cash, extra clothes (in case checked luggage is delayed at your final destination), and extra patience.

Before entering the security checkpoint, remove all metal objects: keys, change, etc., and insert them in your carry-on, purse or briefcase. This will expedite the process. Wearing less jewelry and metal objects during your trip will help reduce the time and chance of leaving your personal items behind. Be prepared to remove coats, sports jackets, or shoes (containing metal) while standing in line at security checkpoint.

Make sure each bag weighs less than 50 pounds. Limit the amount of luggage you check to avoid an extra charges. Most airlines have a checked bag charge, please check ahead with your carrier.

Please keep these tips in mind as you plan your trips and during travel. Please be patient with the service agents who are there to assist you, they too are experiencing changes to the way they conduct their business each day. With the added security now required, the convenience of the Pensacola International Airport has become more valuable to area travelers. If we work together we can make the system safe and effective for everyone. Fly Easy. Fly Pensacola.




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About the Homeland Security Advisory System

The Homeland Security Advisory System is designed to guide our protective measures when specific information to a particular sector or geographic region is received. It combines threat information with vulnerability assessments and provides communications to public safety officials and the public.

  • Homeland Security Threat Advisories contain actionable information about an incident involving, or a threat targeting, critical national networks or infrastructures or key assets.
  • Homeland Security Information Bulletins communicate information of interest to the nation’s critical infrastructures that do not meet the timeliness, specificity, or significance thresholds of warning messages.
  • Color-coded Threat Level System is used to communicate with public safety officials and the public at-large through a threat-based, color-coded system so that protective measures can be implemented to reduce the likelihood or impact of an attack.