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Establishing Priorities

Establishing Priorities

The number one question we have been asked by home owners who are interested in participating in the program is: "When will my home be acquired?"

Any home owners wishing to put their name on the priority list must call Candace Mitchell at 436-5000 to sign up.  As this is a voluntary program, you may elect not to participate when your name comes up.  You will be given a choice of being moved to the bottom of the list or off the list entirely.  Owners not on the "interested" list who change their mind in the future and then ask to be included will be placed at the bottom of the list at the time they notify us.

Everyone should be aware that once you accept an offer to purchase your property, along with your relocation benefits package, this agreement must be presented to the Pensacola City Council for final approval.  At that time, all of the details regarding the purchase becomes public information due to requirements under which the City Council must conduct its business.