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How Property Acquisitions Will Proceed

Airport Commerce Park Program

The sale of private property to the Airport as part of this project has always been described as voluntary and, indeed, the project is structured under this premise.  Because funding is available in limited increments throughout the life of the program, some system to prioritize acquisitions had to be developed. Based upon the budget projections it will typically be possible to acquire approximately 6 residential properties per year and relocate the occupants to replacement homes.

The program is being funded by local and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) monies and the Airport will ultimately seek reimbursement through grants from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  FDOT-assisted land acquisition requires sponsors to follow the federal regulation that defines in detail the procedures by which private property is acquired as well as the rights and benefits that apply to the owners and residents.  The applicable federal regulation is generally known as the "Uniform Act" and more particularly as the "Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition for Federal and Federally-Assisted Programs."  It is contained in the Federal Register at "Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 24."  ("Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 24.")  In addition to this umbrella regulation, the FAA has also developed specific guidelines that outline how this regulation will be applied during projects at airports.  These guidelines are primarily contained in two FAA publications; they are FAA Order 5100.37B - "Land Acquisition and Relocation Assistance for Airport Projects" additional); and, (FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5100-17 - "Land Acquisition and Relocation Assistance for Airport Improvement Program Assisted Projects").  The titles are exhaustive as is typical for such government functions and the documents themselves may be examined by interested persons through several sources, in addition to the Internet links shown above.  The Federal Register can be consulted as well as various locations on the Internet, at libraries and other public outlets.  These guidelines were developed to help ensure that the needs and rights of owners were considered.  In addition, the City Council and the Airport Administration desire that these rights be safeguarded and have insisted that these regulations are followed during this program.  Therefore, at any time during the acquisition program Airport Administration staff will be available to answer any questions that property owners may have regarding these procedures.

Airport Administration would be happy to meet with you to discuss the opportunities this program provides.  The contact phone number is (850) 436-5000. Please ask for Candace Mitchell, Airport Properties Manager.

What about Relocations?

Airport Commerce Park Program/Procedures

Relocation procedures are outlined in a portion of the federal regulation commonly known as the Uniform Act.  Specifically, this regulation is entitled the "Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition for Federal and Federally-Assisted Programs" which is published at "Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 24."

The Airport's Land Acquisition Program has and always will be voluntary by nature.

 If you have any questions, please contact Candace Mitchell at (850) 436-5000