Land Aquisition

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Airport Commerce Park History

Current Property Acquisition

Establishing Priorities

Airport Commerce Park History

Campus Heights was identified in the approved 2000 Airport Master Plan Update as a development area for a future business commerce park associated with the Airport.  It was anticipated in the financial implementation plan included in the Master Plan Update that property acquisition would commence in 2000 and be spread over the term of the Master Plan which was 20-years.

Generally, the Campus Heights area is bounded on the east and south by airport property; on the north by Langley Avenue.  It is an area of mixed use consisting of commercial, light industrial and residential use.  It is estimated that there are 95 single family residences, 5 multi-family residences and 31 commercial/industrial use parcels.  Property owners and residents of the project area-and the community in general - have been informed of the expected project procedures and policy.

Currently, fifty-five parcels have been purchased and over fifty households are interested in selling.  As the program develops, residents may obtain regularly updated information from sources which will include information on the Airport's website and occasional mail outs.  You may call 850-436-5000 to set up an appointment to meet with Airport staff at our Airport Administration Office.